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Savior is a goldendoodle from Oodles of Doodles and he is on a mission to save his mommy handler.  Savior is training to be a diabetic alert dog and ptsd dog.  Savior is friendly and full of personality.  He has mastered the art of being able to work for his handler and say hello to new friends, 



Moose is an Autism Service Dog in training. His family lives in Forney, Texas (near Dallas).

Moose is currently working on task training with his handler.  He will perform Deep Pressure Therapy and snuggles when his handler is overstimulated.



Apple loves giving hugs and helping her human. Apple is a seizure response dog from Dixie's Doodles in Georgetown, Texas.  Apple was trained with the assistance of the Texas A&M intern program.  She livwa in the Houston area and attends sporting events with her family, Sissy and John.



Saint is a standard size Bernedoodle who uses deep pressure therapy and snuggles to assist his anxious family.  He is a huge asset to his dad on the fishing boat and keeps his kiddos calm while doing homework.  Saint loves to have the ball thrown for him!



Echo is a very accurate cardiac alert dog for a special handler with Disautonomia.  This handler wears a monitor but his dog is always faster than his monitor. This amazing doodle from KJ's Texas Doodles is the brother to Nadia and Medic, both medical alert doodles in Training.  Echo has been spotted at Baybrook Mall and Kemah boardwalk.



Hannah, his owner, self-trained Ozzy with my instructions. We would meet each week at a new location until Ozzy passed the Public Access Test. Hannah has a few “invisible” disabilities that affect her blood pressure. Ozzy has been trained to detect when her heartbeat is irregular or if she is about to have a fainting spell. 



Baxter is a standard poodle who is part of the breeding program at 3F Labradoodles in Sealy.  When he is working, he is the constant sidekick to Logan, our favorite Bronc rider! Logan and Baxter can conquer anything as long as they are together! Check them out at the next county rodeo for kids!

image1 (2).jpeg


Bulakay is trained to notice the switch of personalities for his handler. We are very proud of how far AJ and B have come this year!

Both handler and dog have made significant strides.  AJ has become my training assistant and will be seen at most small group classes!

AJ Galveston.jpg


Lucy is our retired ambassador for our service dog teams. She still loves to do therapy with kids and attends a therapy outing at a nursing home and high school each month.



Fynn is a large standard Goldendoodle from Lone Star Doodles in Weatherford, Texas.  Fynn has been trained to assist with anxiety and to provide therapy and comfort to everyone he meets!  Fynn and his sweet mom live in the Heights! Be on the lookout for this goofy, loving pup!



Tex has successfully been placed with Barbers Hill ISD.  He will is a certified Pet Partners therapy dog within the school system.  BH FFA students will also be able to utilize his skills and provide therapy in the community! We expect great big things out of Tex in the future! He loves kiddos!



Nola is a double doodle who is kindly known as the queen of Tiki.  This water loving amazing family pet is in training to be a therapy dog for kids.  She will accompany Tex on numerous outings, including some high school football games. Nola is such a sweet girl.  She dotes on her pack of rowdy boys and one amazing mom.  



Ginny was trained to detect blood pressure spikes for her handler.  She was born to work for her mom.  Ginny has saved her handlers life more than once! We are so proud of the work Ginny and her mom have put in to make the alert consistent and reliable!



Astro and Shelby make an amazing team.  Shelby has trauma from a fireworks explosion and is sensitive to noises and movements.

Astro is always by her side to help her with the sounds of life!



Dakota is an F1B goldendoodle who is being trained as a diabetic alert dog and therapy dog.  Dakota is also the momma to the puppies at the Double Doodle Ranch.  Dakota goes to Brazoswood High School and gives love and support to the students.  Her bright personality makes her the perfect dog for her family!



Lucky is such a sweet doodle. He is searching for his perfect handler or facility to provide stress relief.  He would make an older person or family without small children the perfect psychiatric service dog or therapy dog.  If interested in Lucky, please reach out!



Buck is a stud for Monticello Ranch and currently is a Diabetic Alert Dog for his handler, Elena.

Buck alerts to changes in her blood sugar whether at home or out in public.  Monticello Ranch imprints all their litters with blood sugar scent.  We love their golden retrievers for service!



Flops is a pit bull who has been specifically trained for alerting to PTSD.  Flops and his handler are substitute teachers in the Texas City District.  He can be seen on the high school campus at times.



Milo is a minature Australian Labradoodle who was originally planned to work for a client.  The attention he drew to the client made it not a good fit.  He chose me to be his handler.  He alerts to panic attacks, changes in blood sugar and sensory meltdowns.  Without Milo, I would be trapped inside my own house and unable to help others.

IMG_2724 (1)_edited.jpg


Luna and her mom are also a certified Pet Partners team.  Luna loves to visit elementary schools and nursing homes.  She has a beautiful howl when she gets excited!



Koda is an amazing psychiatric service dog and stud boy for Life is Better with Doodles in Spring, Texas. His handler used Koda to help her get through high school and take her final exams.

Koda's mom now works for United Airlines and is THRIVING!

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