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Pawsitive Services


We offer services to help you and your beloved pet become a healthier and happier member of your family. If you have questions on any of the services that we offer below please call or send us an email.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

The AKC's Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program is rapidly becoming recognized as the standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. Canine Good Citizen® resolutions have been passed by 18 state legislatures and the United States Senate, insurance companies are starting to use CGC® to insure breeds they would not otherwise insure, and some condominium associations around the country now require that all dogs in the complex have earned the Canine Good Citizen® award.


I am an approved evaluator for this award that can be used as a title for registered breeds. I have been since 2012. Testing only is incurred at 100.00 per test. Current and former students will receive a discount on this testing price. The AKC CGC class includes this test in their fee schedule.

Educational Therapy Dogs

Educational Therapy Dogs are dogs that are specifically trained for a school system.  Our Educational dogs help children who are struggling with reading, oration and becoming more confident in reading.  Our Therapy Dogs also provide emotional assitance to students who have suffered a tragedy, losses from a natural disaster, and discussing traumatic events.

We have dogs placed in Barbers Hill ISD .  We currently visit Brazoswood High School in Clute, TX each month during the school year to assist students with anxiety.  We are looking for more schools to visit! Please contact us directly for more information.

Service Dog Training

Our training for invisible disabilities is a science-based scent protocol program that uses the handler's medical condition to be integrated into the service dog's routine.  Our process is slow and steady and requires the support and training from handler and the handler's support system.

Service Training:

  • Diabetic Alert Dogs

  • Epileptic Seizure Response Dogs

  • Mobility Assistance Dogs (non-wheelchair)

  • Parkinson's Assistance Dogs

  • PTSD – Psychiatric Service Dogs

  • Dysautonomia Alert Dogs

  • Owner Trained Service Dog Certification Classes and Testing

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog Training classes are held privately only. Therapy students must have the AKC CGC prior to starting classes. All therapy dog classes will be taught in locations that the dog will encounter in real life.


For example, one class is taught at a hospital, then when the dog passes all the situations within the hospital, the location is moved to its next challenge. Certification can be achieved through 50 visits after all of the situations have been passed.


There is no specific time frame for this training. Temperament is a major factor in this type of training. Not all dogs are good candidates. Please schedule your evaluation now!

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